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  • Mr. Shim, Don Graduated from Seoul National University and Seoul National Graduate School.
    Biochemical Engineering, PhD Program at Cornell University.
    Scored Perfect Score on SAT & GRE Math. Math Instructor at the University of Connecticut and Cornell University.
    On the advisory board for American Home-School Math. Writer of competition Math Problems, Writes Columns called "Mr. Shim's Math World" for the Korea Daily News Newspaper.
    President of Einstein Academy.Teaching all level Math and SAT and TJ Math, AMC, AIME.

  • Dr. Gabe H. (NYU) English, SAT Critical Reading, AP Government, Debate,
    Speech, TJ Prep, Math, ESL

  • Matthew K. (UVA) AP Chemistry, Math

  • David C. (Princeton) English Grammar, Composition, ESL, SAT Writing, Essay Writing

  • Gretchen M. (Cornell) Debate, Speech, Study Skills

  • Elizabeth H. (Northwestern) English, SAT critical reading and writing

  • Jennifer K. (Johns Hopkins) Biology, Math all level

  • Diana L. (Harvard) Biology, SAT Math, TJ Prep Math, All Level Math

  • Daniel R. (Dartmouth) English, AP English, Literature, History

  • Joe V. (UVA) Physics, SAT Critical Reading, Writing, TJ English

  • Eddie W. (Harvard) US History, World History, SAT critical reading, writing

  • Alexis H. (Rutgers) AMC8, AMC10, AMC12, AIME

  • Ida H. (Harvard) ESL, Toefl, SAT Critical Reading and Writing

  • Shadi G. (Stanford) SAT Critical Reading and Writing, ESL, Essay Writing

  • Karen D. (JMU) Spanish, AP Spanish

  • Christina O. (UVA) AP Biology

  • Theresa, P. (JMU) ESL, Toefl

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