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American education has the K-12 system (kindergarten to 12th grade) similar to Korean. However, in specific there are many differences in grades, education contents, curriculums, and teaching methods between both countries.

Grades of elementary consist of 1st~5th or 1st~6th, the ones of middle school do 6th~8th or 7th~8th, and the ones of high school do 9th~12th, depending on county. Public school that takes 70% of American schools is mandatory by high school. Admission to public school requires proofs that at least one parent of a specific student lives with him or her in the US. That means local governments provide the opportunity of public school with only residents who pay tax to them. Therefore, public school is basically free and requires the fees for lunch, extracurricular activities, field trip.

Students with student visa(F-1) must go to a private school. There are two kinds of private school; boarding that offers accommodation and meals and day that does not offer the services. Private school system includes knowledge for university admission and curriculum for social relationship.

Children below 5 years old go to kindergarten in K-12 system. 6 years old becomes first grade in elementary. In the US, most public schools follow this process.

When students successfully complete K-12 system, they have qualifications to apply for university. Students generally decide on whether they go to university or have a job in high school. High school provides curriculums that a students needs, according to what he or she chooses. However, every student must take required credits for graduation.

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