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Parent's Testimonial

We are a group of teachers with 20 years of experience of teaching.
On the first day of meeting, you can find out whether you can continue or not.
First 30 minutes is FREE, the cost is on us! We are so confident that we could change your loved one’s life.
Testimonials from some of the parents are provided below as well.

Subjects that we can tutor are:

All level math from Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB/BC.
All level English including AP/IB English, Literature, and language.
Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry, SAT 2 Chemistry
Physics Honors, AP Physics, SAT 2 Physics /Biology Honors, AP Biology, SAT 2 Biology
US History, World History, AP, SAT 2 US History, World History
ESL, TOEFL, Latin, AP Latin /SAT 1, Critical Reading, Writing, Math
ACT test prep /Thomas Jefferson High Prep

Please call (703) 255-5555 for free consultation.

My daughter attended Einstein Academy for SAT prep--math and English. She worked one-on-one with Mr. Shim and Ms. Zylka. She was supported, challenged and encouraged. Best part of the story--Mr. Shim helped her get her math score up 100 points!! She ended up with a 770 math 720 English, thanks to Einstein Academy. I referred two of her female classmates to Einstein and both had excellent experiences. I'm happy to answer questions

[Elizabeth mom]

I sent my son, Brandon, to Einstein Academy to get some help with his SAT and school homework. He was getting a low B on Pre-Calculus and low B on AP English. After about a month of being tutored at Einstein, he improved dramatically. He was able to understand the concepts and applied what he understood. He received A on Pre-Cal and also A on AP Language for the final grade. He took SAT prep class during the summer of 2008 and improved a total of 370 points, 170 points on math, 120 on writing and 80 points on critical reading. He received 2290 on his SAT, now waiting from colleges such as Columbia, Cornell and Brown University. Einstein Academy made a big impact on his college application. No doubt to recommend, try it.     

My daughter has had many tutors so far. She is a bit slow on understanding concepts on math. She has been saying "No" to most of the tutors that she has had. But, not this time. She was smiling and very happy after meeting with Mr. Shim. He encouraged her and explained her in very creative way so that she started focusing on her material and actually finished her work! That was very exciting! I highly recommend Einstein Academy!!!   

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