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 Here are some of the programs that are planned at Einstein Academy:

1. AP test prep
World History (AWH): starts in February, the teacher is an UVA law student, Raymond.
Calculus: Mr. Shim
Chemistry: Ms. Velicu
Physics: Dr. Steiner
Biology: Dr. Woo
US History: Dr. Hudson
English: Dr. Collins
SAT Math 2 C: Mr. Shim

Tuition is $40 per hour per student. There will be about 4-5 students in a class.

2. SAT prep during summer (SSP):


We have 9 to 2 class M-F or 12 to 5 class M-Thu during the summer.
You can pick and choose the week. Tuition is $600 per week per student for the morning, $500 for the afternoon class.

3. Honduras outreach program (HOP): Twice a year, Einstein Academy takes students to impoverished area in Honduras for a motivational experience.
Students learn how blessed they are, what to do with their life and come back with a lifelong mission in their minds.
Trip cost: $1,500.

4. Self Motivation Program (SMP): Students learn how to plan, organize, study and evaluate themselves. Many students do not learn this in school.
They have to plan a week on Sunday on Excel file and send it to us, then they have to follow through with their own plan. After the week, they have to write an essay.
In addition to this, they will receive daily vocab list of 15. They have to find the meanings and write a short story with them.
Monthly cost: $300 with one year contract.

5. Ivy College Tour (ICT): Students will visit Ivy League colleges during the spring break. Schools are Harvard, MIT, Yale, Brown, Columbia, UPenn and Princeton.
Students will sit in the information session and have a tour of the campus. They will also meet the college students on campus and hear what they say about the school.
Cost: $450

6. College Admissions Program (CAP):Students will receive help from college admissions counselors to improve their application process including essay writing, planning, searching for the right college for them. Cost: $75 per hour

7. Spring break intensive SAT Program (SBS): During the week of spring break, students can prepare for SAT intensively meeting everyday for 5 hours. 600 vocabularies will be mastered. Class will cover all aspects of the test. Cost: $695.00

8. Focus-R System Program (FRS): Patent pending method of Focus-R system will help students who have difficulties with concentration. This concentration enhancing device will phenomenally increase their focus on reading, writing and even solving math problems, therefore improving their study skills and grades dramatically.

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52 Happy Thanksgiving~~~! file     Nov 21, 2016 Nov 21, 2016 18:01
Happy Thanksgiving!!  
51 엄마는 바보야!     Nov 09, 2016 Nov 09, 2016 16:20
엄마는 바보야! 미국에서 살다보면 자주 듣는 말들 중에 "You get what you pay for" 란 말이 있다. "돈낸만큼 받는다"는 것인데, 한국말로 표현하면 '싼게 비지떡'이라고 말할 수 있겠다. 얼마전에 달라스토어에 가서 둘러보는데 스쿠르 드라이버가 여섯개 ...  
50 너희들이 백배 낫다.     Nov 01, 2016 Nov 01, 2016 17:24
너희들이 백배 낫다. 요즘 온 세상이 시끄럽다. 한국도 시끄럽고 미국도 시끄럽다. 어린 학생들을 가르치는 교육자로서 어른들을 대신해 학생들 보기에 너무나 부끄럽다. 미국의 대통령 후보들이라는 사람들이 역사적으로 제일 품위 없고 부정직하며...  
49 2016 Thanksgiiving & Winter Break Program file     Nov 01, 2016 Nov 04, 2016 16:56
추수감사절 특강 기간: 11/21-11/27 겨울 방학 특강기간: 12/17-12/31 *자세한 내용은 포스터를 참고하세요.  
48 수학 공부를 어떻게 해야 잘하나?     Oct 26, 2016 Aug 22, 2017 08:14
<수학 공부를 어떻게 해야 잘하나?> 많은분들이 수학을 어떻게 하면 잘할 수 있어요? 라고 물어 온다. 그에 대한 답은 ‘계산기를 가능하면 멀리하고 공식을 유도하게 하세요’라고 말씀 드린다. 가르치다 보면 많은 학생들이 어떤 공식이 어디에 사용되는지를...  
47 에쎄이는 얼마나 중요한가?     Oct 11, 2016 Oct 11, 2016 16:22
에쎄이는 얼마나 중요한가? 대학 입학 신청 시즌에 다가 가면서 12학년들이 머리를 쥐어짜며 에쎄이를 쓰기에 여념이 없다. 학교 수업 따라가랴, 특별활동 하랴, 마지막 SAT/ACT 준비하랴, 거기다가 에쎄이까지 짬을 내서 쓰려고 하니 하루 24시간도 모자란...  
46 개정 SAT는 어떤 시험인가? file     Sep 27, 2016 Nov 02, 2016 15:43
개정 SAT는 어떤 시험인가? 금년 봄 부터 시행되기 시작한 개정 SAT 는 여러모로 볼 때 언어 소통 능력을 확실히 평가하겠다는 노력이 다분히 보인다. 오래전에 대학원에 다닐 때 어떤 친구가 굉장히 실력은 좋은데 알고 있는 것을 잘 표현하지 못해서 디펜스...  
45 엉? 걔가 어딜 붙어?     Sep 24, 2016 Sep 24, 2016 09:36
엉? 걔가 어딜 붙어? 학부모들이 SAT 를 치는게 좋은가 ACT 를 치는게 좋은가 종종 물어온다. 실력만 키우게 되면 두 시험 다 성적이 비슷하게 나온다고 하는데도 막무가내다. 그래도 우리 아이에게 어떤 시험이 더 낳은지 알려주세요 한다. 두 시험 모두...  
44 2016 Summer Classes file     Mar 12, 2016 Mar 12, 2016 12:26
2016 Summer Classes Session Dates v Session I : June 27 to July 22 (4 weeks) v Session II : July 25 to August 19 (4 weeks) v Session I & II: June 27 to August 19 (8 weeks) Summer is the best time to prepare for the ACT/SAT !! when stu...  
43 2016 Summer Program file     Mar 09, 2016 Mar 09, 2016 18:39
2016 Summer 2 (1) (1).pdf  
42 Happy New Year~~~!! file     Dec 30, 2015 Dec 30, 2015 13:31
Happy New year!!! I would like to invite students to join us in this new SAT class starting January 9th for 8 weeks for March 5th test. Tuition: $1200 Early registration: 10 percent off, Due by January 5th, 2016 Jennifer for Reading Dr. Hud...  
41 Merry Christmas!! file     Dec 12, 2015 Dec 12, 2015 09:10
Lessons: December 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 29, 30, January 2, 9 AM-2 PM Full test and review sessions: Jan. 9 & 16 , 9 AM-2 PM Tuition: $1200 without the full test and review $1400 with the test and review Also, we are starting NEW SAT pre...  
40 SAT Intensive Program for Winter Break file     Dec 07, 2015 Dec 11, 2015 16:05
Hi, We are offering Intensive SAT Prep classes during the Winter Break and Saturdays. Meeting dates during Winter Break are: 12/21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 29, 30 and 1/2. It is 40 hours of intensive program. And 1/9, 1/16 for...  
39 Let's get it over with SAT 1 in December!!!     Nov 13, 2015 Nov 13, 2015 17:16
Dear All, It has come to the last opportunity to improve SAT scores in 2015. That is December 5th SAT test. We have put together a program during the Thanksgiving week to study intensively to improve the December score dramatically. This cra...  
38 2015 Fall Program file     Oct 02, 2015 Oct 02, 2015 15:35
Do you know? 1. Just a little bit of help can increase test scores quite a bit? 2. Learn how to become a test maker instead of a test taker. 3. Test taking skills and strategies alone can help you improve a great deal. 4. Einstein...  
37 LOOK!!     Jun 16, 2015 Jun 16, 2015 16:25
Hello, students and parents!Summer is here! Please take advantage of this valuable time, summer vacation!1. Prepare for tests, SAT, ACT, SSAT and TJ test during the break. 2. Get ahead: Preview challenging courses, AP subjects so that you h...  
36 여름방학동안 신바람나게 공부하자!! file     Apr 24, 2015 Apr 25, 2015 08:38
-----Summer program----- 값진 시간을 낭비하지 마세요!! v SAT/ACT 1. 소그룹(3명 이하): 일주일에 2회 3시간씩 8주간(총48시간) 2. 그룹(4명-8명): 하루 5시간씩 매일(매주25시간) 하루 5시...  
35 2015 Summer Classes file     Apr 06, 2015 Apr 06, 2015 15:04
Here is 2015 Summer Program!! 2015 Summer Classes (2).pdf  
34 2015 Summer Major Programs file     Apr 03, 2015 Apr 06, 2015 14:26
2015 Summer Classes Session Dates v Session I : June 29 to Aug 1(5weeks) v Session II : Aug 3 to August 29(4weeks) v Session I & II: June 29 to August 29(9weeks) Major Programs 1. SAT Intensive Programs: 9:00am-2:00pm...  
33 2015 Summer file     Mar 16, 2015 Mar 28, 2015 13:06
The best time to prepare for the SAT is summer,when students are free from the obligations of homework, school clubs, and teams.Einstein Academy has a variety of programs and schedules to give you the flexibility to selec...  

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